About Coach Didi

Coach To Win is a practice based on the philosophy of Win at Work and Win at Life. It is designed to acquire results by creating balance within your professional life, personal life, and your health. The model is structured with an understanding of your biology, psychology, and social network.

Didi has lived the life of a busy executive and understands the stress which accompanies this position.  As an Executive Coach she combines her experience in management with the realities of daily life to assist her clients into achieving not only professional success, but also a sense of purpose.

Through her experience, Didi has learned to create goals, set standards, listen, and achieve goals. As a Life Coach, her clients are accomplishing these same objectives. As a client, you will design a goal oriented plan and structure out the action items for your desired results.

As a Psychotherapist, Didi continues to follow the model outlined above. She takes the time to understand both your physical and mental challenges. By listening to your current situation, Didi creates a plan with you to create your desired outcome. Each session provides its own structure based on your needs.

By combining her communication skills as an experienced coach and her therapeutic skills derived from counseling, Didi is able to design a program to reveal your authentic self.

About Coach Didi
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