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Internationally authored book, ‘The Confident Women: Tapping Into Your Inner Power’ answers “What is it that makes you confident?” Coach Didi contributes, Think with Your Heart, Not with Your Head which goes in-depth to discuss the concept of trusting your own internal thoughts while minimizing your self-doubt. It asks you to believe in you over searching for answers outside of yourself. It is think with your heart, not feel with it. This idea forces a person to slow down and listen to her own voice. If your thoughts are straight from your heart, it eliminates the habit of ruminating over a decision and thrusts you into daily living.


Written as a passion project, Coach Didi is a co-creator with CEO’s, Leaders, & Experts from India, Spain, U.K., Bangladesh, Trinidad, South Africa, Australia, Canada, Kenya, Puerto Rico, & the U.S. in authoring this book. Additional chapters tackle The Power of NO, The Fight Within, Overcoming Perfectionism and more! This book is written as a valuable resource in gaining insight of the strength of professional women on a global scale!

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As your Coach we will:

  1. Build a powerful 3 year vision for your life.
  2. Discover true success through authentic living.
  3. Learn the surprise key to weight loss & fitness.
  4. Generate play days for better pay days.
  5. Learn to love your reflection in the mirror.
  6. Maintain work / life balance.

As your Life Coach, we will develop your action-oriented success plan with a primary focus on the present and future.

As your Executive Coach, we design a professional plan with your goals aligned and attainment within your reach.

As your Psychotherapist, we will work on in-depth personal issues as they merge through your past and present with a treatment plan designed for an enhanced future.

As your Image Consultant, we will insure that you present as fabulous an outside as you have on the inside.

Whether working as your Life Coach, Executive Coach, Psychotherapist, or Image Consultant; we will create a success plan which will lead to a winning life!

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Portland, OR 97214
Tel. 503-880-0400

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For more information contact:
Didi Zahariades, MA at didi@coachtowin.com